Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liberal Hypocricy

Quite often I try to think of the most significant difference between conservative minded people and the more left wing. I am interested in one quintessential difference that maybe sits at the root of our many disagreements.

While I am not there yet, I do think that there are some things going on today in Canadian politics that hit close to the heart of the matter. Take a look at some of the current Liberal press releases and talking points making the rounds these days.

"Harper's reluctant coalition" - Ibbitson/Taber; Globe and Mail
And Iggy on CTV the other night, while not insulting the host, claiming that Harper is forming his own coalition with the NDP. (It was actually very funny when Iggy insulted the host about sleeping through his press release because the host dead-panned him and said: 'Well, I wasn't asleep at the beginning.' hahaha)

What Ignatieff's Liberals (assisted by their allies, the left wing media outlets, G&M, TStar) are attempting to do is dilute the veracity of the criticisms leveled against them because they formed such a sinister coalition and tried to steal power. Hypocrisy is at the heart of every Liberal and I think that is a defining characteristic. Whenever the Liberals say anything of substance, you don't have to look back more than a few days to find them saying precisely the opposite. It is a party that has no rudder and no bedrock foundation. They will say anything and do anything to become popular enough to regain power.

So as an example, these days the Libs are flogging the notion that somehow the Bloc and/or NDP voting with the government on a confidence motion equals a coalition. And they are whining: 'See! Harper is forming a coalition. He's bad.' But for the past year we have been forced to listen to how horrible Harper is behaving because he won't work with the other parties to form legislation. So the minute the Conservative propose a bill that the other parties can agree with, there isn't even a lull in the negativity as left wing media attempt to straddle both sides of the argument (closely resembling those Las Vegas contortionists in the process). Harper is bad because he won't work with the other parties. And similtaneously Harper is bad when he creates legislation that they other parties agree with; he is forming a coalition. Yeah, ok, now put the other leg behind your ear.

Toss into the mix the fact that the Opposition to this day still denies forming a coalition. Despite the fact that there are probably 50 - 100 videos on youtube that any Canadian, at a moments notice, can pull up showing all three of them signing legal documents saying they will form a coalition.

There is great danger when a party abandons principles in favour of 'which way is the wind blowing,' populism. For the same reason that it is foolish to let go of the tiller on a sail boat in a stiff breeze.

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