Friday, October 2, 2009

Theory of Anthropomorphic Global Warming: Epic Fail!

An interesting story is developing about the ultimate disproving of Al Gore's fantasy that is Global Warming... er... Climate Change... well, Climate Staying About the Same.

You can read the meticulous research and minute details yourself, but basically what it comes down to is that the "hockey stick" graph that Gore famously demonstrated in An Inconvenient Truth is not only a total fallacy, but also the result of contrived and/or fraudulent research. "Fudging the numbers" so to speak.

Yes, that's right... the one scene in the movie that everyone remembers in which Gore melodramatically hops on a powered lift and raises himself up to follow the rising temperature graph... is hogwash. A Lie. In other words, the movie should be retitled: A Blatant Lie. Or how about Al Gore's Latest Get Rich Quick Scheme: Hop on Everybody!

Update: There is an excellent article in the National Post Full Comment by Ross McKitrick. In it he clearly explains the investigation that he participated in with Steve McIntyre (hey these "Mc" fellows are a bright bunch) the goal being to accurately reproduce the so called "Hockey Stick Graph". It is a very interesting story (by my standards being an Electronic Systems Engineer) with secret data sets, inadequate peer review done by "peer reviewed" journals, data sets way too small to be used in statistical analysis. Well, like I said, I am an Engineer.

The entire foundation on which Gore and his zealots stand to defend global warming, composed of many studies and articles (most published by supposedly peer reviewed journals) sponsored and trumpeted by the IPCC, is like a large, upside down, house of cards that is precariously balancing on a single scientist's conclusions using a single set of data. That conclusion has not only been proven wrong now, but it looks very much like the data itself was manipulated and contrived!

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