Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh, those Hackers!! Expose "Climate Research" as deserving of quotation marks

Well, this turn of events has resurrected my blogging spirit: Hackers have downloaded and disseminated, in that wily and rambunctious Internet way, the lion's share of files and emails they found on CRU servers. I am very proud to say that I was able to download the files using peer-to-peer, bittorrent means. This made it possible for the files to be distributed at large without the anachronistic notion of rogue ftp servers in Russia (although this is exactly how it started).

You can read about it here, on Steve McIntyre's blog. Steve is fast becoming a legend to me. This guy isn't a government bureaucrat with a PHD in paleoclimatology or a mathematician (I think he works in the field of mineral exploration financing). He is just a regular guy who in response to the BS and nonsense being shoveled by the likes of Gore and Suzuki, implicitly knew that they were full of crap. Now, a lot of people including myself can say that, however, what Steve did after making that decision is the real hero part. He became a specialist on the data that Al Gore was claiming showed the earth was warming dramatically. He quickly deduced that one could not duplicate their results to create the now infamous "hockey stick" graph that really forms the cornerstone of the entire theory of Global Warming. In recent weeks he has proven that the "scientists" that are creating these graphs use shady and non-scientific methods to make the data support their preconceived conclusions. And I am convinced that quotes have to be used around the word because their actions and behaviors make them look very like politicians. Now, Steve has been helped, allegedly, by a hacker (or hackers) who were concerned enough about getting the actual truth out that they were willing to break the law to do it. And they are heroes also by the way (and I hope some day we find out who they are).

Now, there is some speculation that this wasn't really "hacking" per se, but rather this information was exposed by an insider who was acting as a whistleblower. In which case they have done nothing illegal in my mind. Because, and this is also a major revelation coming from the exposed communications, the government employees producing this garbage appear to lie at every opportunity when confronted with an Access to Information request. Steve refers to this as "FOI", Freedom Of Information. It is analogous to the "Access to Information Act" which is Canada's freedom of information legislation. The point is that those working in government who deviously come up with false reasons not to cooperate with an access to information request, and who in fact conspire with each other to delete emails in order to hide information, are the ones who are breaking the laws and should be fired immediately. As far as I am concerned, there should be a technical solution to this involving the massive collection and indexing of email communication of all non-military personnel that is made freely (and I mean "free") available to the public to search and query at their leisure. So that if you are an employee working for the government (or receive funding from the government) your emails (internal and external) would go through this system without the possibility of deletion or interference with FOI requests. This is very much technically possible and is routinely done by private companies to ensure employees are using their email system for work related business.

I think that Steve (and I believe that he works with others at Climate Audit, I just don't know who they are... I should look into that because it isn't fair to exclude them or attribute all of this to Steve if that isn't the case in reality - well, I just went to Climate Audit and it says: by Steve McIntyre right at the top so it is his blog, BUT he refers to a Ross McKitrick so I think they work together on a lot of this stuff) is pretty fixated on the temperature records and the hockey stick graph in particular and he really good at keeping his focus on that. I think this is a good idea since the zealots of the new climate change religion seem to want to change the debate on a weekly or monthly basis (Global Warming -> Climate Change, freak storms, polar bears going extinct, ice melting - not to mention the previous canards: Acid Rain, the Hole in the Ozone Layer). So it is very smart to concentrate on the weak and unstable foundation that is the falsified, oh sorry "tricked", temperature record. The article that I linked to is specific to some of the communications related to this line of inquiry. It is about how they merge data sets that are obtained through two different means. One is from "proxy" temperature records (for historical temperature estimates) and the other is from actual temperature readings (like from a thermometer). It doesn't take a genius level intellect to realize that you can't really compare temperature estimates derived from testing the air bubbles from ice core samples taken from the arctic or derived from the analysis of tree rings to the levels coming off of a thermometer. Being scientists, those involved in the email conversation use words like "dubious" and "specious claim" but I would be more inclined to use words like "retard" and/or "moron" if I were in their place.

But anyway, I truly believe that this is the death knell for the entire movement, or it darn well should be. Call it global warming, climate change, or whatever its nom du jour. It is all just a "cause" or "movement" that is based on falsehood. I am now waiting patiently for my federal government to repeal some legislation so that I can get my 150 watt halogen light bulbs back before I go blind.

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