Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eyes are the window to the soul...

Liberals can be immediately recognized by their "crazy eyes":

Galloway's immediately recognizable "crazy eyes" syndrome

I am sure that this picture is meant to be flattering, however, all I can see is the nuttiness emanating from the eye region.

Here's another example:
Those eyes are not seeing what you and I see... don't ever look these eyes...
Here are some from Canada:

a lot of "whacko" with a little "homicidal maniac" mixed in

And now for contrast, here are some people who look sane:

Smart man... look at the map behind him... that's a good idea he is sharing with the audience
Looking... thinking... answering the question
Canada's best PM in the last 100 years

I think the difference with Liberals is that they are always spouting some nonsense that even they don't really believe, but they have practiced it a hundred times in front of the mirror.  They know the content of their message is rubbish and they try to disguise that fact with a very practiced delivery.  Ah, but the eyes don't lie.  The glossy, glazed over look is always there.

It is also very evident when Liberals gain power in politics.  Things go to crap very, very quickly because the people who run the government don't really care where "the ship" is headed.  They have arrived!  Deficit, unsustainable government, confiscatory taxation on the public, healthcare system spiraling down the toilet... who cares?  They're set for life people!  How can they concentrate on what they are saying at this particular moment when they are plotting how to keep their grip on the reins of power!