Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The most frightening words uttered during this whole "Egypt" thing...

Walid Abdel-Muttaleb, 38. “Now it’s up to the intellectuals and politicians to come together and provide us with alternatives.”
(Emphasis mine)  I would rather entrust a committee of 10 orangutans, a rubber mallet, and 3 randomly placed bells labelled 1, 2, and 3 in their cage.

I want this situation in Egypt to turn out right, but I have very little hope.  I suspect that the military leaders are the real power and they will simply install another dictator.

UPDATE:  I read this today and it states very plainly the situation in Egypt:
A population that was convinced just two months ago that sharks in the Red Sea were implanted by the Israeli Intelligence Services is hardly at a stage of creating a liberal democracy in Egypt.
In reality, these things are rarely done in a bloodless manner and go through multiple iterations before it gets done right.  This would be anathema to the Egyptians, but they should look to the history of the United States and the development of their constitution as a model.  And it is true that they need "intellectuals" (preferably those who don't refer to themselves as such) that will guide them through the process of creating a new constitution.  What they don't need are ex-army officers dressed up like politicians.

However, if all else fails, Egyptians should implement this protocol:
Every single time the Internet and/or telephone service is shutdown by the government or the army, a million people should gather in Tahrir Square. They should then make their way to the seat of government and dismantle it brick by brick.

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