Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saving Mula

So a big part of my life is my concern for and my value for money.  So I guess you could say, I am a bit of a miser.  I really don't see it that way in that the word "miser" has a negative connotation and being careful with one's money is never a bad thing.

I also do some pretty generous things with my money such as travelling and the purchase of large ticket items if I need.  I would say that I think about the value of money a lot and I don't let other people separate me from my money very easily.  I watch it flow in and out of my hands and I count it religiously.  Not literally of course... well, literally actually.

One such example of saving money has to do with a situation which was bothering me a lot, my coffee habit:
  • I drink a lot of coffee.  A lot.  I am pretty sure it is borderline dangerous for me, but I try to keep it under 10 cups a day.
  • It costs me a lot of money.
  • I am addicted to Tim Hortons coffee
So in terms of the number of cups that I drink per day.  I drink one cup in the morning, when I get to work, coffee break, after lunch, and most of the time one in the afternoon.  I sometimes have a coffee after dinner at night.  So I think that amounts to between 5 and 7 per day.  I am sure that this is a lot to some people, but I have been drinking this much for years now.  I once encountered a trainer who taught me a Cisco course and he told me that he drank upwards of 25 cups of coffee per day.  So I should survive.

So while at work, I spend $1.53 per cup (Timmy's) and that means I spend about $6 or so per day.  This amounts to $120 per month!!

In addition to having to pay for the coffee, I also have to go to Tim Horton's in the mall here and that means I have to walk.  It usually takes between 12 and 15 minutes per trip.  Annoying.

So now I have a coffee maker at my desk.  I buy k-cups for $0.50 each.  So in one fell swoop, I have cut my coffee spending to 1/3.  And I save about $80 per month, which is more than I pay for Internet and TV.  I did have to pay for the coffee maker, but in terms of an investment, it is going to pay off in about 1.5 months.

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