Tuesday, February 1, 2011

X10 Website Sucks

Wait!  Don't go to their website!

Actually, I think X10 technology is pretty useful, however, I have a big problem with their website.  It seems to me that it is obviously designed to confuse and distract people instead of clearly showing what is for sale and the costs.

So I did an "online chat" with someone one name Nathan who attempted to help me through their site and after, they let me fill out a survey.  I am pretty proud of my response to the question whether or not I would buy from the x10 website:
My experience with the online chat representative was just fine.  He was courteous and actually helped me quite a bit.  The reason I won't buy a product from the X10 website is due to the fact that the items are available for a fraction of the cost on ebay.  For example, the outdoor motion sensor that I was asking about is $4-6 on ebay, but $30 on the x10 website.
My problem is with the X10 website itself.  This is the worst POS (piece of shit) website in the world.   If that were my child, I would hit it over the head with a shovel and bury them out behind the barn.  Anyone who has anything to do with the design of that website should be ashamed of themselves.  In fact, if I had anything to do with that website, I would go into the datacentre with a barrel of napalm, kick it over and then light a match.  No, scratch that.  I would do the napalm thing, but then shoot myself in the head making sure to take the precaution that the muzzle flash would be guaranteed to ignite the napalm so that no other person in the world could be harmed by looking at that horrifying website.

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